Monday, February 11, 2008

Mourning - Justin Marcus Polazzo aka Dude Van Winkle

Sadly we say goodbye to Justin, you'll be missed by the community.

Justin Marcus Polazzo, 31, of Atlanta, Ga., was found dead in his home on Feb. 4, 2008. He was born in Alma, Mich., on Dec. 31, 1976.

At the time of his death, Justin was employed at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Office of Information Technology in the Division of Architecture and Infrastructure.

Justin is survived by his parents, mother Carol Anson Stanwyck (Doug), and father Free Polazzo (Janet), brother Chad Polazzo (Lori), and stepsister Liz Stanwyck. Other area surviving relatives are Betty Anson, Wendy (Wagner) Muzechuk, Ashley and Maggie Haverfield and James Anson (Marilyn) from Illinois.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008, in Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

K, I am seeing alot about this because i just now decided to look.

Why hasn't anyone posted the cause of death??? I know but I will never tell...

In honour of his life I thought I would post one of the many memories I have of Justin, and a little thank you as well.

I met Justin when i was 15 and he was 22. We dated...
Great guy, he introduced me to cocaine and when i stole my moms car and ran away from home during a drug induced frenzy, he was more than happy to open his home to me. But only for a few days because he thought we should travel to new york on his motorcycle. My mom and dad tracked me down at his house before we could leave and shipped me to rehab... Still 15 years old..

I never thanked him for that. Had it not been for him I may not have had all of that valuable rehab time. Could have turned out pretty bad...

RIP Justin- I could have stayed a virgin till 16 were it not for you. You wil be missed


Anonymous said...

Just came across this on the aniversary of my brother's death.

Thanks for sharing the memory.